Ki Allen - LADY JAZZ  

"Ki Allen  simmers with a combination of
elegance, clarity, and richness, filled with a
presentation of powerful originality."

-Carlo Wolff, The Plain Dealer
Tri-C Jazz  Fest

"Creque's arrangements of Caravan,  Night
and Day
and What Is This Thing Called
Soared, buoyed by Allen's stunning
plush contralto.

-Carlo Wolff,
The Plain Dealer
Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

"Melisma--phrasing that's authoritative
even as it is behind the beat, and a range
that spans the nether reaches of alto to the
top of soprano make Allen special.  And if
her delivery is emotional, her styling is
flexible, even athletic."

-Carlo Wolff,  
Midwest Jazz

"Allen lifted that Vernon Duke classic to the
skies, laying her elastic voice over Baker's
muted trombone..."

-Carlo Wolff,
The Plain Dealer
The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra

"Allen is a regular, valuable contributor to
the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. She stood
out on a velvety, roundly sensual

Carlo Wolff , The Plain Dealer
Cleveland Jazz Orchestra
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The following musicians listed performed in The 'Woman  In Jazz" concert with
Ki Allen  on April 21, 2012.   Peter Dominguez on double bass,  percussionist,
Sammy de Leon, trumpeter, Curtis Taylor and trombonist, Chris Anderson
Largely self-taught, Ki Allen
is a fearless improviser. Listen to her renditions of
All About Ronnie,
Someone To Watch Over Me,
and Make
Someone Happy,
and you'll be transported
to the forties and fifties when style and idiosyncrasy joined in swinging emotional twine."
-Carlo Wolff,  Northern Ohio Live
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Bob Fraser, Guitar
Ki Allen, Vocals

Produced, arranged, and engineered by Bob Fraser
Recorded at Bob Fraser's studio in Rocky River, summer
of 2007
Audio Technical AT 4033 condenser microphones
Tascam  DA38 digital eight track recorder, Mackie mixing
Mastered by Greg James, Clockwerke
Sound Studio Inc.
Art Direction/Design: Matt Perko
Cover Art: Mary Miller
Photography: Marc Golub
Liner notes: Carlo Wolff
Manufactured and printed by Disc Makers, Pennsauken,
N.J. U.S.
Recording Released, May 29, 2009

Replife / The Unclosed Mind
Music by Replife
Out of Soul
Ki Allen - vocals
Executive Producers Simon s & Daniel Gray-Kontar
for Fufuristica Music
Recorded 2008

Algo Para Ti
The Roberto Ocasico's Latin Jazz Project
Samba On the Rocks
Music by Roberto Ocasio / Ki Allen, vocals
Recorded 2001

Rare Beauty
Music by  Duke Ellington
A Hundred Dreams From Now
Ki Allen,  vocals
Bob Ferrazza,  guitar
Recorded February 5, 2000 at Swinging Cane Productions,
Engineered by Ted Sikora
2000 KOCH Jazz - A KOCH Entertainment Co.

Music by Gaetano Letizia Jazz Guitar Trio
Weaver Of Dreams
My Romance
Baby Please Don't Come Home
Ki Allen - Vocals
Produced by Gaetano Letizia &
Michael Bishop
Recorded April 24, 1996

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Somewhere Sometime
Ki Allen,  vocals
Mike Petrone,  piano
Music by Al Moss and  Mike Petrone
Executive Producers: John Hlavin and Kirk Zehnder
Recorded 1995
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"Calling Card"
Bob Fraser & Ki Allen    
Cover Art by Mary Miller

About KI
An encounter with singer
Ki Allen is
nothing less than extraordinary!  
She has the uncanny ability to charm
a young audience
and at the same time
surprise aficionados.  
Whether a jazz or blues enthusiast,
Allen will always
show you something new
about the music you love.  
Allen constantly challenges herself.  
Her repertoire is ever expanding
and her phrasing ever illuminating.
Through her performances
in concerts, television, radio,
and night clubs Allen has
developed a broad
array of devoted fans.

-Gayle Agahi, freelance writer
-Mary Miller, Artist

Go back in time with the
swinging style of the Mojo Big Band & guest, Ki Allen at
Brothers Lounge.  Mojo is a professional 17-piece band that performs music
from the great jazz orchestras of the past including Duke Ellington, Count Basie,
Buddy Rich and many more...

Brothers Lounge
11609 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio  44102
(216) 226-2767
8:00 P.M.  - 10:30 P.M.   -  $7:00

This 17-piece big band is a classy addition to any occasion. If you like to book
the band for an event, contact band leader Matthew Bott at: 440-915-5479 or
Bookings: 216-228-5571
Lyrics by Ireta   
Music by Ki Allen & Bob Fraser
Photo by Randy O. Norfus
Photo by Randy O. Norfus
The most successful vocal show was free, with Cleveland singer Ki Allen,
followed by the headliner, Toronto vocalist Kellylee Evans. Their April 21
bill, a homage to Nina Simone at Olivet Baptist, felt like a revival meeting.
Allen, who has astounded Cleveland audiences for more than 20 years with her well-
upholstered, expressive voice, led an all-star local group including long-time
collaborators Bob Fraser on guitar, drummer, Ron Godale,
and  pianist Dave Thomas.   Allen and Fraser cast  a spell
so  intimate it was almost embarrassing in a rapturous “Wild Is the Wind,” and she and
Thomas, who quoted both J.S. Bach and Fats Waller, went acrobatic and florid on a
wonderfully entertaining “If I Should Lose You.

- Carlo Wolff, Jazztimes - 4/21/12
Tri-C Jazz Fest "Woman In Jazz"  April 21, 2012
Bob Fraser, Guitarist
Peter Dominguez, Bassist

FRIDAY. MARCH 15, 2013
Ki Allen, Bob Fraser, Peter Dominguez  & Ronnie Godale  
- 12387 Cedar Road - Cleveland Hts, Ohio  44106
216-795-0550  (8:30 p.m. - show)   $10.00  

"CANCELED" SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013 - George Lee & Ki Allen
Barking Spider - 11310 Juniper Road -Cleveland, Ohio 44106
216-421-2863 - (5:30 - show)
The Cleveland Bop Stop
Ron Godale, Drummer
Ki Allen, Lady Jazz
Bob Fraser
Ki Allen
Carlo Wolf,
Author of "Cleveland Rock & Roll Memories"
The Cleveland Jazz Orchestra
www.photoreflect/ Randy O. Norfus
www.Brothers Lounge
Tri-C Jazz Fest
Jazz Heritage Orchestra
Mojo Big Band
The Mill Street Bristro
Ron Vod / Vimeo Videos